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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Angelique Short Film

I saw a clip of this short film about a month or so ago. It's based on the true and tragic story of Marie-Joseph Angélique. A black slave women acused of burning down Montreal. She was tortured and hanged. Hanging%20of%20Angelique.htm (a book writte on the subject)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Supehero Series Created by a Black Woman

I was just sent this to post on my site
Teresa Dowell-Vest created her own superheroes for the AA audience. She is looking for donations to help her series get off the ground. Anyway check it out. We need all the positive images we can get.

Everyone who reads this post please spread the word by posting this on your. Sort of like a tag game. Or more precicely the Filipino Tag Game on YT. If you read it post it on your blog then send and email informing someone else and ask them to put it on theirs and so on. I guess it's also sort of like a chain. The person you send it to has to do the same with another blog, website etc. Oh and I nearly forgot you can repost this whole posting on your site. I have not problem with it.

Those who read this pass it on

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why We need to Produce Our Own Films

This is why we need to make our own films. Check out who produced the film and you will understand. We have to stop letting others create images of us but us.

This one doen't look bad. I want to check this out.

This movie just rubbed me the wrong way.

Hated this movie

I love Nollywood, but at least they have love stories. They have their crazy drama, but we have jacked up drama.

What's sad is when we start emulating instead of making the films that would benefit us.

A movie about two women fighting over a man?

Many of these films though are good inspirations to make a film. Many of these films were made on very low budgets. A Good Man is Hard to Find was made for 3mill so right now that may be out of our leagues, but we can produce a decent movie for way less than that.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Movie Assignments

Sorry been busy everyone, but movie assignment time Don't know the costs of these movies
Can't remember the country I think China, but not sure

My Favorite Kollywood movie. I love Jane Austen in any form. Well Bride and Prejudice was okay

Nepali movies

Uphaar is the first Nepali movie I'd ever seen. They can be crazy than what we are used, but they are hella fun. It's not in English so it's up to everyone to come up with the what you think is going on. They also have a hell of a lot of drama. Have no problem with this myself.



Now this movie is just crazy, but hella fun

Actually they remind me of those old movies with the damsel in distress about to get run over by a train and the hero comes in and saves the day. Sorry for so many, but I want everyone to see as much as they can of other movie industries from around the world. Also don't know when I might be able to post more. Hopefully soon. Just look at is a way of being exposed to new ideas.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Movie Assignments

Sorry didn't put up the assignments yesterday.

No buget movie made in the U. S. they has have a vid about making no budget movies


Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch Watch Watch Just Remember to Detox

For a few weeks I've been watching no/low budget African American movies to low budget scifi. Many aren't great. The point though is to see what many have done with the no budgets and low budgets they have been given. I've also been watching no/low budget movies that not geared to AAs as well. I watched a movie all though low budget to Hollywood standards and maybe not so for independents french action film District 13 or Banlieue 13 €12mill or around 17mill USD. I keep a list of movies (I make it myself) of movies and their budgets. Now I will say that after watching crap movies (not all are and many aren't that loveable fun cheesy campy fun either)you have to seriously detox yourself. I'm serious ya'll! Watching a crap movie makes you want to ring your neck and get your tortured now derranged ghost to heat the oven and stick your head in Some of these movies are like dead Armadillo. They stink. If you don't believe me watch Then there are the ones that are good even though the production values don't look topnotch. There are also movies like Facing the Giants, Monsoon Wedding (shot in India) and many other no/low budget movies that you don't feel like you are watching a movie that has a no/low budget.

Then there are movies that are cute

boy why can't we make movies like this. It might not be some big Hollywood romance drama, but It's still one of my faves.

I would also say if you get a chance watch movies from Korea, Japan etc. especially the love stories (I many are too Also watch movies that are more outside of the commericial arena.

And Remember that bfilm just means budget film it doesn't mean bad.


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